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Top priorities – How do you know what your priorities are?

By January 2, 2019 No Comments

Your priorities are where you spend your time. Your top priorities are where you spend the most time. Many of us say our priorities are family, getting outdoors, helping people. But then we spend most of our time working or doing retail therapy or otherwise wiling away our time on frivolous pursuits. Are you gonna waste your time being sad or angry or anxious? Or are you gonna use it to learn new skills, share your talents and help others? Are you going to waste the moment with selfishness and idleness, or are you going to make the most of this moment by making the world a better place?

A great habit to stop is saying, “I don’t have the time.” Time is theĀ only thing you have. Everything else you think you have is just an illusion.

Wanna be happy? Be wise with your time. Use the moment, this one right now, wisely! If your top priorities are really your top priorities…you’ll give them your time.

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