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Too much or too little…

By September 30, 2019 No Comments
too much or too little balance quotes

Balance…It’s like a teeter-totter. Many people mistakenly think a balanced life is a teeter-totter sitting totally still. Unmovingly parallel with the ground.


Teeter-totters are only fun if you’re bobbing up and down. Getting enough rush to fly through the air while still feeling safe. Never TOO high or TOO low. But enjoying the ride. Balanced. Harmony.

Such fun is best with good people–family, friends, loved ones–whom we trust not to jump too hard, or jump off the ride completely. If they did, we get a painful jolt!

Life has up’s and down’s. That’s natural. Trying to control your life, the world, the people around you just to keep your teeter-totter completely motionless is wasted energy. That kind of control is an illusion. Let go. Flow with life. Roll with the punches. Let go when needed. Hold on when needed. Ride the up’s and down’s of life with as much grace and integrity as possible.

Be wise. Find balance. Love your life.

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