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Time for change?

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if it ain't working for ya do something different

A huge part of happiness comes from our ability to adapt. We must update our views on life, our sense of self, our habits, or even physical circumstances. But change can be hard. We often resist it even if it’s better for us. We stick to what we know we can survive, even when our heart knows we can thrive.

Thriving in life — creating true happiness — means shifting our reality in positive ways, increasing love, trust, courage, and patience. It means letting go of what we know so we can follow our heart and make leaps of faith.

Our heart never stops calling us to our dreams and destiny. So when we find ourselves banging our head against the wall, we should stop and listen to our heart. Take a real look at what’s working for us in our life and what isn’t. What sparks joy (Marie Kondo)? Go do that!



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