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Thor goes to the hospital…

By September 19, 2019 No Comments
take the compliment

I was walking through the hospital yesterday, and a young woman gasped, “It’s Thor! Look, it’s Thor!” I turned to see, ’cause y’know…Thor! She was looking at me. Uh…awkward. She told her little sister, “We almost missed him, look!” It was a whole family walking together, no doubt visiting a loved one. The little girl, no more than 5 years old, was so excited. Her jaw dropped, hands to her cheeks. I didn’t know what to do, it’s like it was her dream to see Thor. God knows a hospital is full enough of fear and uncertainty, who was I to dampen her excitement. I gave the briefest, shy wave, and cheestastic grin, and continued walking. They were so excited as they walked their way and I walked mine.

I’m far…FAR from Thor-like looks and far less Greek-God physique. But it felt really good to be compared to him. It made me think about how hard it is for us to take compliments. We usually accept compliments like we would the plague: “Thank you…NOOOOOO!”

But why? Why do we feel so down on ourselves? Well, it’s this world. Look at how it treats us. Society isn’t built to make you feel good about yourself. It’s built to make you doubt yourself, doubt your self-worth, doubt your dreams, gifts and talents. Fuck that. You’re amazing. You’re unique and beautiful. You’re as miraculous as a flower or a sunset. You are a continuously unfolding story. That’s the truth, not some platitude. We just feel down on ourselves because that’s how we were raised to treat ourselves.

Well stop it. Take the compliment. When someone says something nice, accept it. Take that little bit of light within you. Let it grow. Let it shine. You have so much to offer the world. The purpose of life is to discover what you have to offer, share and improve you gifts. In that there is peace and joy.

Take the compliment. You’re worth it.

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