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The purpose of life…

By August 26, 2019 No Comments
the purpose of life is to experience it

Ever gotten to the end of a day and wondered where it went?

A huge reason we don’t love our lives is because we aren’t really experiencing it. We get stuck in our routines, intimidated by our inner demons, slave ourselves out to endless to-do’s and obligations, waste our time trying to please others.

When we’re lost in our story of life we forget there’s a real world out there with amazing, marvelous, miraculous things to experience.

Stop trying to please others. Stop believing you “have to” this, and “have to” that. What you do is your choice. Is your life yours? Are you living with deeply meaningful purpose? Are you living from your innermost heart and soul? Are you enjoying the journey, or sacrificing your joy in hope of some far-off goal?

Life is short. And precious. Don’t waste a moment. Experience it to the fullest.

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