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The power of positive attitude

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attitude is everything

Positive attitude is a funny thing. Why? Because as a Life Coach/Awesomeness Coach I’ve found that trying to have a positive attitude usually makes people feel worse — not better. Why? Because thinking positive thoughts doesn’t make our negative or self-defeating thoughts go away. In fact, trying to think positive thoughts kicks your self-protective mind (aka ego) into high gear trying to fight against the positive thoughts. You see, your ego doesn’t believe the positive thoughts, it doesn’t buy into your positive attitude, so it tries to sabotage your positive efforts just to prove its own negativity right. Gosh what a mess happiness is.

Whoa! Heavy alert…This post is supposed to be about positive attitude, right?

Okay, I dove right into the heavy stuff, but that’s so we can talk about the solution. Knowing is half the battle, so if you know your ego is going to fight your positive attitude, you can act with patience and compassion toward yourself rather than frustration, confusion or even hostility. Positive mental attitude isn’t about ignoring anything negative or difficult in life. It’s about dealing with the tough, icky parts of life head on with the proper positivity tools.

The New Be-Attitudes gives you powerful, easy-to-use positivity tools for living a happy life. I’m going to start rolling it out here and on my social pages on Instagram and Facebook. Join me wherever you like for ongoing support on your best life. If you’d like to get the full details and dive in, get your copy of The New Be-Attitudes here.

Positive attitude is more about your focus. Admit all the good and bad stuff in life, but put your focus on the positive. Attitude is more than just thoughts. Attitude involves your core beliefs, thoughts, emotions, intentions, desires and actions. If you pick a positive attitude and practice it, you will strengthen your happiness muscles. Stick with us throughout the year. Each week I’m going to give you a new attitude–a new positivity tool–for your positivity toolbox. There’s gonna be about 40 or more of them by the end of the year. That’s a LOT of positivity tools for you to draw from when life (or your own ego) starts to get you down.

Below are some happy memes and thoughts to get you started on the power of a positive attitude. Save, share, like, comment. Let’s make the world better by makingĀ your world better. Here’s to your happiness!

choose your attitude and you choose your reality

What you focus on expands. Your focus becomes your reality. A positive attitude isn’t about false positivity, it’s about whether you focus on the positive or the negative. This is a no-brainer. Want to love your life? Focus on the positive. Sure, it’s not easy when life dumps you into piles of garbage and trouble. But that stuff is gonna happen. Having a bad attitude will just make it worse. A good attitude will help you find solutions, be strong, let go of those things that don’t serve you, and use wisdom. Choose a positive attitude and you will have a positive reality.

if your life sucks check your attitude it probably sucks too

Your reality is a story. Not just what has happened in your life, but what you thought about it, how you felt about it, and how you reacted. Your attitude affects every single part of your story and your reality, so whether things are good or bad, it has a lot to do with your attitude.

having a great life requires having a great attitude

I’ve seen plenty of people in poor circumstances who were happy, and even more people who had an amazing life but were unhappy. The difference? Attitude.

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