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The end isn’t really the end

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Let’s skip past the obvious of ‘The Dark Crystal’ being one of my all-time favorite movies, ever, because it is pure genius, and thank you to Jim Hensen and Frank Oz for pouring your soul, wisdom and creativity into the world…

…and let’s talk about endings. We fear endings. We tend to see endings as cataclysmic events because we don’t know what will come next. And what do we fill the unknown with? Our worst fears. The end of a relationship, the end of a job, the end of school, the end of life (our or others’). I was raised religiously so feared the end of the world for most of my life. After leaving religion, it took a few years for me to comprehend that the world might not end in my lifetime. It might go on, and on, and on for billions of years, just as it has for billions of years.

This Earth has seen countless endings, each one creating a new beginning. The secret to overcoming our fear of endings is to learn to foresee, anticipate, even love new beginnings. New beginnings are a golden opportunity to create the beginning we want for ourselves. Even if there isn’t an end in sight, creating a new beginning can help freshen and enliven your life, relationships, work settings, home.

What new beginnings could you create to bring new life to your world?

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