Are You Happy Now?

Stabbed in the back?

By August 15, 2019 No Comments

I’m never shocked by school shootings or mall shootings or mass shootings in our country. Am I saddened? YES! Hurt? YES! Angered…SOMETIMES!! But surprised??? NEVER!! Disappointed? ALWAYS!!!!

Look… Just LOOK how we treat each other. It’s insane. As a society we dump on each other, take from each other, turn a blind eye and justify injustices. We live in a mad frenzy, feeding on each other like a swarm of mindless zombies. We race and we race and we race around, running each other down in a mad dash to hit the grave full of regret and a life full of misdeeds.

I mean, just LOOK how we treat each other. (Yes, I know I already said that, but did you really stop to look? No, I’ll wait. Take a moment.)

And then, people are shocked when bad, horrible, painful, hurtful shit happens. People are shocked when someone lashes out. People are dumbfounded when a person’s pain within finally explodes and the mess splashes on us all. Then what do we do? We blame the person. So nothing gets fixed. At all.

Just look at how we fucking treat each other. Why am I disappointed? Because we can do so much better. We can. We should…. WE MUST!!! We must start doing better. C’mon, no one wakes up in the morning thinking, “How can I go ruin the world, today?” But that’s what a lot of us do, don’t we. The world can’t sustain our current behavior. We have to clean things up. We must be kind, kind, kind, kind, kind! We must love more. Forgive more. Be grateful more. Act with greater compassion.

We must shine, shine, shine, shine, shine our light of love and passion for life. Fighting and warring and shooting and killing will not make the world better. They won’t make the world safer. Only love and kindness and compassion will make the world safer and better. Want more love and peace? Go do THAT!! Do it with every fiber of your mind and body and soul. Settle for NOTHING less.

Here’s to your happiness, peace, and joy, you amazing person, you!


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