Inner Peace Podcast #5: How to love everything in your life

Some quotes about how to love everything:

“I am a lover of what is, not because I’m a spiritual person, but because it hurts when I argue with reality.” ― Byron Katie

“We’re all looking for love, in our confusion, until we find our way back to the realization that love is what we already are.” ― Byron Katie


1. Loving everything means being grateful for the good stuff. We take way too many things in our lives for granted. Taking the good stuff for granted means robbing ourselves of the rich blessings that fill our lives, that we could be enjoying. Imagine your life without electricity, running water or (god forbid) plumbing! Your life would be very different. By exercising gratitude for all the good things in our lives we embrace the goodness we usually overlook.

2. Love the bad stuff, too. This is harder to do, so sometimes you have to find a way. Here are some ideas:

  • Turn difficult experiences into learning lessons. Learn from them so you don’t have to repeat them. Pick up the tools you need to transform the bad into good. Forgiveness, compassion, healthy boundaries, non-judgment…
  • Share your lessons with others. There is no substitute for experience. However, some experiences should be avoided if at all possible. By sharing your story and the tools you’ve picked up, you can make positive changes in the world and help others avoid painful experiences you’ve had.
  • Appreciate the personal strength you’ve gained from your struggles. Some things happen in our lives that we would never have wished on ourselves, or anyone else. Somehow, after making it through to the other side, we’re more than we were. Stronger than we were. Wiser. And hopefully even more compassionate and empathetic.

    I had the honor to join The Happiness Coalition on one of their retreats. I also was honored to get to hang out with many of them one-on-one and have wonderful conversations with them. I asked them why they chose happiness. All of them had pushed to the end of what they could handle. They felt crushed by life and like they couldn’t handle any more. Yet, they survived. More than that, they thrived. Their trials had awakened the best in them, and they learned to love and enjoy life more than most people on this planet.

3. Remove conditions from your love. As soon as your love has conditions, rules and requirements, it’s not love anymore. It’s a counterfeit. Love people who hate you or hurt you. Love situations that are uncomfortable. Love injustice. Loving them doesn’t mean you want them to stay, it means empowering yourself to improve what needs to be improved. Otherwise you will be fighting yourself rather than healing what needs to be healed.

Don’t wait for certain circumstances in your life. Too often we think, “I’ll be happy when [that] happens” or “When I finally achieve this goal, THEN I’ll be happy.” Sorry, but you’ll only set yourself up for failure that way. Be happy now. Love your life today or when you “get there” you will never have learned how to love the moment you’re in.

4. Embrace the adventure! Love is a verb. Actively find more to love. Open your eyes to the world around you. See the wonder and beauty in it. And…LOVE it. Find reasons to love things that might normally annoy you. For instance, I take my dog for daily walks at the park. I could see it as a burden. Instead, I choose to see it as a wonderful opportunity to be out in nature, soaking up the sun, breathing the fresh air, meeting interesting people at the park. Every trip to the park brings new adventures and experiences that enrich my life in small but satisfying ways.

Homework Ideas:

  • Think of something that has been a thorn in your side. It may be a relationship that saps your energy. It may be a person or situation that constantly triggers negative thoughts and emotions. How can you heal the situation? What tools can you learn or strengthen? Now, go do you your best to make things better. Go be your best self.
  • Practice awareness. Notice things that you might have been taking for granted or never noticed before. Find new things to appreciate for the way they enrich your life.

And a final “love everything” quote to leave you with:

“What is, is. And what will be will be. You can love it or hate it. It’s your life, the choice is yours.” ~Seminole

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