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No soul is lost…

By August 16, 2019 No Comments
no soul is lost

None are truly lost, the Universe always has us. We cannot see before or after our walk in this world so we forget we are as infinite as the Universe itself. We cannot see the big picture so we forget that we are part of it.

Out of blind forgetfulness, many wander in fear, isolation and darkness. Such individuals live in the illusion that they are lost, disconnected and alone. Those who give in to the fear stumble into the lands of terror, hatred, violence, heaviness, and evil. These individuals deceive themselves into believing there are no consequences for their bad actions, or even that acting out of fear may somehow lead them to the light. These are tormented souls and we call them “lost”.

There are others who trust their own heart and walk the paths of love, compassion and kindness. These individuals understand that they are not individuals, but part of something greater. These people understand that the Big Picture of All Things is imprinted on their heart, and by following it they are able to walk in the light. Those who live with ultimate trust, humility, patience and courage are blessed with the companions of peace and true joy.

None are lost. The Great Question in life is whether to walk in the light or darkness. Are you a Child of Light or a Child of Darkness? A Child of Love and Peace or of Fear and Torment? Choose the Light of Love, trust, peace, compassion and kindness. Then your path will be clear, for you can live your truth and exercise kindness every moment for the rest of your life. Many are called to light, but few choose it.

My firm faith and belief is that, as humanity progresses, more of us will choose love and peace. So, let us be a voice for those things, today.

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