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Life is simple…

By September 3, 2019 No Comments
simple is how you live a good life

Life is as simple as breathing…In….and out… We’re the ones who complicate it so much. We ravage the waters of life with our wishing and wanting and contention and worrying. When we could just let go of the worry. Live simply. Breathe. In and out.

Are you living in troubled waters? How can you let the waters around you and within your soul become calm and peaceful again? Let go of the troubles. Let go of the judgments, expectations, attachments and assumptions that churn our peace into perplexity. Complexity is perplexity. Simplicity is peace and goodness.

If your life isn’t simple, you aren’t really living. You’re striving and struggling. What are you making more difficult than it needs to be? Simplify. A day at a time, a step at a time. Simplify your life, and let it be GOOD.

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