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Let the light shine…

By October 10, 2019 No Comments
sometimes you have to let the cracks happen to let the light in

“Sometimes you have to let the cracks happen to let the light in.”

Some more zombie wisdom for Halloween from The Walking Dead. We get so used to the way things are, sometimes we don’t even remember why they are that way. We’ve just been going through the motions, trying to keep things status quo. Well, whether we open a window or life gives us a jolt, it’s good to shine some light on our lives and make sure they’re what we want. Make sure we’re living life with our eyes open and embracing the adventure.

We usually freak out when cracks threaten our reality-bubble. But they really are the perfect time to take a good look at things. Question our beliefs and habits. Question the choices we’ve made. Questioning doesn’t mean judging, it just means taking an honest look.

Step out of your story from time to time and take a good look at reality. Sometimes it’s scary, but what makes it worse is all the judgments, expectations, attachments and assumptions we live with. Practice letting go of all those things. Connect with the honest, true, here and now. Find joy in it.

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