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It’s not about you…

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its not about you doctor strange quotes

Monday humble pie day, lol. Actually, this statement isn’t to bring you down but to lift you up. ‘You’ – ‘Me’ – ‘I’ is an interesting concept. It’s an interesting illusion. It’s an illusion that we are separate and disconnected. It’s an illusion that we exist as a sole entity completely isolated from everyone and everything else. Yet, we have this singular experience of life that we cal ‘Me/Myself” … “I”.

True wisdom comes from dissolving this illusion of the isolated, singular self. Otherwise, we end up feeling lonely. We seek our own good at the expense of others. We fail to experience empathy and show compassion. We live in fear.

By widening our gaze to understand that we are part of a family, families, communities, cultures, nations, an entire world… a world that we are part of, that we depend on… Then we realize that we are not alone. We are not separate. We are part of a big, beautiful picture of LIFE. With this wider view of life, we become conscious of how our words and actions affect everything else. We understand that the harm we cause harms ourselves. The good we do also returns to us. We feel joy and peace in knowing we are not alone. We are part.

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