Inner Peace & Happiness Books

I’ve written these books with you and your happiness in mind!

Are You Happy Now?

Shifting Your Life From Crappy …to Happy!

Is there something in your life you’d like to improve? Maybe your outlook, circumstances, or your general sense of peace and happiness? Are You Happy Now is designed to make peace and happiness so devilishly simple, and so unbelievably possible, you might not believe it. It gives you a simple, straightforward, systematic approach to personal-improvement. Not that there’s anything wrong with you. But we humans are always looking to evolve to the next, higher level of happiness, peace or success.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How negative life-patterns developed
  • How to get to the source of negative patterns &
  • How to shift negative patterns to positive ones

The most powerful shifts we can make in life are the daily, consistent ones. Don’t wait to make your life great. Start today!

the shortcut to happiness

The Shortcut to Happiness

Your No-B.S. Guide to the Journey of Joy

Think you can get from “here to happiness” in just one step? The Shortcut to Happiness dives down the rabbit hole of human happiness. It explores the history, psychology, and twisting weaves of humanity’s struggle to find true happiness. The secret is: Happiness is simple. It’s just not always easy. This book helps you understand yourself better and appreciate that you’re not alone. Happiness is your birthright, and it is sitting at your fingertips just waiting to be grasped.

The Shortcut to Happiness gives you several keys to happiness and one, single concept to help you choose happiness every moment of every day.

how to love yourself

How to Love Yourself

A Guide to Loving and Living Well

The secret to happiness is knowing yourself, and loving yourself for who you are. “How to Love Yourself…” gives you ways to approach loving yourself, and shares lessons you can use every day to make life better. Its message helps you along your own personal journey into greater love and joy.

Are you a non-profit?

I’m happy to offer discounted prices for non-profit’s and youth groups. My paperback books can be purchased for $9.99 ea. Just complete the form and I’ll contact you back with a payment link. It’s my way of trying to pay-it-forward and help your budget go even further!


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