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HumanKIND… Think about it…

By August 20, 2019 No Comments
human kind live up to your namesake

Kind people are the best kind of people. It’s interesting that we call ourselves humankind….when kindness seems to be such a rare behavior. Just like unkindness begets unkindness, kindness begets kindness. More often than not. It’s worth it, then to be kind. Be a kind person. Be brave and open your heart.

Don’t let others determine your actions or attitudes. If you do, then you’ll constantly be reacting to life, never in control of your own life experience. Inner peace and happiness will happen rarely, and only by accident this way.

Be kind despite others’ attitudes or actions. Be bold and brave despite others. Be compassionate. Be strong. That’s who you are in your heart of hearts, anyway. Beautiful, bold, and strong. So, let it out. Embrace the adventure of your life. Today’s THE day–make it happen!

Love & peace,


Photo credits: @joshhild on Unsplash

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