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Happy is as happy does…

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happy is as happy does

Do you *really* want happiness, or do you just like the idea of it? Happiness doesn’t just happen for most people. Most of us have to choose it. We have to practice & work at it. Happiness doesn’t come from dreaming and wishing and wanting, but from doing.

Happiness comes from being nice when we’re not in the mood; from forgiving even when we don’t feel like it; from being grateful for things we don’t necessary love about life; from exercising compassion even when we don’t understand or agree.

Happiness goes against our survival instinct, but it appeals to our higher instinct of thrival. So it really comes down to a choice, DO YOU WANT TO SURVIVE LIFE, OR THRIVE IN IT? We can get so caught up in our fight to survive that we forget we were destined for so much more than that. Humanity’s real destiny is to thrive, flourish, bathe in the light of love and kindness, to reach our greatest potential not in spite of each other, but with each other’s support and encouragement.

Decide whether you really want happiness or not. If you choose Yes, then you must *do* happiness. Be bold. Be brave. Be strong. Surround yourself with other people doing happiness. Take a step at a time, and each and every step you take on your Path of Happiness will bring peace.


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