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Happiness is Freedom… is Happiness

By July 4, 2019 No Comments
happiness is freedom is happiness

I have a lot of conversations on the topic of happiness (obviously, I’m a Happiness Coach). It’s a funny thing how differently people view happiness. On one end of the spectrum, some people don’t even believe in happiness, it’s just a myth. On the other end, some people think it’s the most important thing in life. Some people don’t know what it is but want it. And everything in between.

How does one define happiness? I mean, real, true happiness? Some people use the words bliss, joy, or flow. Life satisfaction is a good term. I think Love and Peace are other ways of describing happiness.

And one more powerful way to describe happiness is FREEDOM. True freedom starts from within. Freedom to accept and express yourself as the Universe made you. Freedom to love, freedom to have peace. Freedom to explore this marvelous, beautiful, fascinating & enchanting world. Freedom to learn new things. Freedom from others’ judgments and expectations. Freedom to do good.

Yes, freedom is happiness. Happiness is freedom. I wish you all the happiness and freedom this life has to offer, starting today!

What are your thoughts on happiness? How would *you* define or describe it?

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