Happiness Hangouts…

for Attitude Awareness

or HAHA Groups, as I like to call them.

What are Happiness Hangouts?

They’re kind of like support groups but more casual. Happiness Hangouts are all about attitude awareness. We use the recent book, The New Be-Attitudes: How to Shift Your Life from Crappy …to Happy! as a guide for our discussions and efforts. The idea is that by monitoring our attitudes we can shift our life, a day at a time, in positive directions.

The group setting of Happiness Hangouts allow us to share in each others’ stories and support each other. Knowing you’re not alone is immensely healing and encouraging. So is hearing others’ experiences. As we share in the human experience we learn from others, help others and get motivated to tackle the week with a fresh perspective.

How do I sign up?

Join us on Meetup! Here’s our page: https://www.meetup.com/HappinessHangouts/

If you’re not able to attend the in-person meetings, I’m posting the handouts in the Message Boards for everyone. As the Happiness Hangouts gain momentum I’d like to hold more of them at different times and locations, as well as online, so everyone who would like to can attend.

Want to have Happiness Hangouts for your group or community? Contact me!

How do I find out about future Hangouts?

Use the contact form to the right for times and locations and to be notified of future updates. Happiness Hangouts are temporarily being held locally only, in Tucson, AZ. As we create a successful format for them we will roll them out virtually so you can join online from anywhere. Who knows, we may eventually be able to create local chapters so people can meet in person in all major cities. Stay tuned!

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