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boycott bullshit today

Try boycotting bullshit for a day. See how freeing it is. We usually know bullshit when we hear or see it. The problem is we tend to get drawn into the drama of day-to-day bullshit. Someone freaks out about something, or we freak out about something. Usually that something is really silly and doesn’t matter in the long run, but we jump right on board the worry or drama train and ride it for all it’s worth.

Bullshit can come from other people, society or even the thoughts and beliefs in our own head. Again, we usually know bullshit as soon as we encounter it, but for the sake of defining bullshit a generally-good guide is that any expectation, excuse, assumption, attachment, or negative judgment is total bullshit. Drama is total B.S. Contributing to the problem in any way is B.S.

Instead, be solution-focused. Focus on the positive. Cut ties with any source of negativity. Stop telling stories that don’t add to the net worth of your life. Go live a life of deeply meaningful purpose, passion and direction. Do something good with your time. Time is the most commodity of life, so stop wasting it on … you guessed it … dumb shit.

P.S. EVERY day is “today”, so take a permanent vacation from your problems.

Love and peace!

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