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I’ve been a peace and happiness blogger for over a decade now. Blogging escalated to life coaching and authoring. After my last book The Shortcut to Happiness I took a little break from coaching. My experience with professional coaching taught me that I wanted a more systematic approach with clients. I also wanted something that could reach a larger audience.

Hence, I took my coaching offline for a bit to write my next book. I’m happy to say it’s almost complete. During that process I wrestled with the ‘identity’ I should use in reaching people like you who are looking for peace and happiness. I’ve played around with the Enlightened Jerk name for several years. Hesitant to adopt it, because I’m not really a jerk. But as I shared it with people they always get a kick out of it.

You see, my kind of people are the ones who don’t take themselves too seriously. They’re also people with big dreams and a desire to cut the crap and get to the good stuff. YES!! Those are my people. People who can make big stuff happen while being real, and having a sense of humor about it. Life is crap. It’s also awesome. So, let’s cut the crap together and make great sh*t happen!

I’m rolling my website out slowly as I find my message. The plan is to have the site, coaching, blogging & podcasting up in full swing about the same time. January 2019 is the plan.

Hope to see you then!

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