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Change the world in one word…

By September 27, 2019 No Comments
positive shifts

I’m just becoming aware of the #OneWord campaign and think it’s pretty cool — Choose one word to change the world. I’ve already been living this whole year with one word as my focus: “SHIFT”.

I chose this word because we tend to wait for something big to happen in our lives before making positive change. It’s usually something catastrophic that knocks us on our butts and wakes us up to harsh realities. Well, I don’t believe in waiting for circumstances to guide our efforts and decisions. That’s just leaving our lives up to chaos and chance.

Most of the great things that happen in life aren’t because of one major effort or event, it’s the many, little things we do. Positive thoughts, gratitude, healthy habits, etc.
#SHIFT is a powerful word because it reminds us to shift our focus, shift our attention, shift our emotions, intentions, priorities, efforts and energy. When we make those positive little shifts every day it adds up to big, positive shifts in our lives, other people’s lives, and the world.

Shift your life. Shift the world. Just one step. Today. Do what you can, today. When you live by positive shifts you will look back and realize that you’ve overcome impossible obstacles, changed negative habits, gained new strengths and experienced things you once considered miraculous.

Don’t let worries and doubts of the far-off future discourage you. People who run marathons don’t just wake up one day, jump on the road and run 26 miles out of the blue. They plan, prepare, practice, and immerse themselves in the lifestyle.

What do you want to accomplish? SHIFT your focus in that direction. Shift your thoughts, intentions, beliefs, intentions, desires and actions in that direction. Move. Go. Do. Be. Practice. Learn. Grow. And most importantly, love the process. Enjoy the journey.

#shift your life. And….. I already know what my word for next year is going to be. Stay tuned!

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