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Bittersweet wisdom…

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Most of the people who like my memes have experienced some pretty difficult things in life. In fact, some of the best people I’ve ever known or met have had the most challenging lives. Not only are these people good people, they are happy. Happy with themselves, and happy with life despite its many struggles.

Like them, some of the sweetest tidbits of wisdom I’ve found have come from my greatest challenges and darkest times. We could let life make us bitter and get us down, but what is the point of life, then? Why wallow in the darkness of adversity, drama and self-pity? Why lose hope and give up?

The point of life is to be enjoyed, explored, embraced, appreciated, and treasured. The way to do that is to find sweetness everywhere we can. Sweetness in life comes from exercising compassion and showing kindness. Sweetness in life comes from surrounding ourselves with good people, living authentically and being true. We must love and appreciate ourselves as the marvelous, miraculous creatures that the Universe created us to be.

Sweetness in life comes from shedding the crap that the world dumps on us so we can be free, walk in the light, live with joy and passion. Sweetness comes from sharing with others. So…This is life. Go get some sweetness, and don’t forget to share! <3 😀 . . . Photo credit: @moniqa on Unsplash

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