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Beautiful transformation…

By August 28, 2019 No Comments
every butterfly crawls before it flies

People LOVE the idea of happiness, but HATE actually doing what it takes to be happy. I’m speaking of people in general. There are a few brave souls who forge their way onto the path of happiness and take steps.

One of the biggest things people fear is change. If fear of change or fear of the unknown stops you from following your heart and living your life with passion and purpose, consider the butterfly. It must transform from a caterpillar before it can fly. It must stop crawling, pause its life in order to unlock the potential within.

We too must stop crawling on the Earth, and take the time to metamorphose into something better. We can fear this process or embrace it. Sure, it is change, but our end result is something magical and beautiful.

Unlock your beauty within. Isn’t it about time?

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