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Be who you wish you were…

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stop trying be

There’s a point in our path where we have to stop trying to do, or become….and just BE what it is we’re trying to accomplish. Be the person we wish we were. Be healed. Be happy. Be at peace. Be successful. At some point, we have to identify as what we’re striving for. Otherwise, we’ll become stuck trying.

Trying becomes our mantra. Wounded becomes our identity. Failure becomes our unconscious endgame. If we stop trying and BE, then we are healed. We are strong. We can flow forward rather than holding on to vestiges of the past.

Be who you were born to be. Let go of the fears, doubts and really-bad-programming this world has imposed upon you. Be free. Flow with peace and joy. Live your destiny & your bliss.

Live as if you already are who and what you’re striving for. Be that person. Think what that person would think. Do what that person would do. Free yourself from anything and everything that doesn’t fit that person’s best life.

Stop trying, and Be.

Photo credits: @jaden_lee on Unsplash

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