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Be kind…even if it’s for selfish reasons! – Coming soon
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Be kind…even if it’s for selfish reasons!

By February 28, 2019 No Comments
be kind being unkind is like shitting where you eat

No one is an island unto themselves. We are all in this life together. If you’re unkind to someone, they will pass YOUR bad juju’s on to someone else. That negative energy keeps getting passed on and on and on until eventually it comes back to YOU. The energy you put out there comes back, so even if it’s for selfish reasons, put that POSITIVE ENERGY out there!!!! Anything you do selfishly, at others’ expense, will make the world worse, not just for others, but for you as well.

So now that I’m done beating a dead horse. Be kind. Do your very best. Be kind to yourself, to others, to animals, to the planet. Kindness is the answer. It’s always been the answer. I hope the human race figures it out sooner than later. Our health, happiness, and safety depend on it!
Photo credit: @mat_graphik on Unsplash

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