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Are your dreams worth it?

By August 8, 2019 No Comments
try try again

Yoda said: “Do or do not. There is no try.” I call bullshit. Sorry, Yoda. Do your best! If it doesn’t work out, do your best again! That’s called trying. You will do better and better each time you try. Most of us dreamers dream big. We have to grow big enough to STEP INTO OUR DREAMS.

How do we do that? A step at a time. A try at a time. A failure at a time and trying again and again. Just because you didn’t do it your first time doesn’t mean you failed. It just means you have a ways to go. You have more to learn, skills to develop further.

If your dream is worth it, not only will it take time and effort, it will motivate and inspire you to keep going.


Photo credit: @timothycdykes on Unsplash

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