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Anything is possible…

By September 25, 2019 No Comments
anything is possible

Those closest to me get to hear me grumble from time to time. Sometimes too often. Sorrrrrryyyy. I think they wonder why a guy focused on happiness is grumbling. Well… I’ll tell you after asking you:

Do you live in a world of possibility or probability? Is today going to be a repeat of yesterday? Are your dreams alive? Just flickering? Stuffed away in a drawer somewhere waiting for “Someday”?

The truth of this life is that we don’t know what’s going to happen next. Every moment is brimming with possibility. Joy comes from remaining open to those possibilities. We feel alive when we’re exploring this life and this world, new ideas, new cultures, new experiences.

Living in a world of attachments and expectations causes suffering. Thinking we known enough closes the doors to possibilities and dampens the light of life. It is foolish and ignorant to live by assumptions, yet this is our tendency–to assume.

So why do we give in to probability? Why do we succumb to living by judgments, assumptions, expectations and attachments? Why do we close the door to possibility?

Fear. We’re afraid something bad might happen. Well guess what, bad things happen whether you are open or closed to possibility. So why not remain open to possibility and ride the waves of life with light and patience and hope and gratitude and positive intent?

Now, back to me grumbling. I get frustrated because I’m in that place of experiencing growing pains, that place of breaking down the walls of probability because I can see a world full of possibility. In fact, I make impossible decisions nearly every day that would terrify most people, BECAUSE I believe in possibilities. Am I great at living in the world of possibility? Naw. But I’m learning. I’m growing. In leaps and bounds. Do I take joy in the process? HELL yeah!

Remember, good and bad things happen regardless of whether we run away from our problems. So I’d much rather be choosing my life and tackling my struggles head-on, even if it doesn’t always turn out the way I’d hoped, even if it takes longer than I imagined, even if it has unexpected twists and turns. It’s so much more satisfying to be open and exploring rather than shut down by other’s expectations or limited by our fears.

What do you want from life? Really? It’s possible. It is possible, so go for it. Turn your attention in that direction and move! Live a life you love, even if that means being on the path toward your goals because guess what — it’s all the path. The impossible happens every day in beautiful and miraculous ways, so go experience some miracles, today.

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