A Li’l About PJ

Well, this isn’t a dating site, but I still never know what to say on these things…

My credentials…


~ Certified Stress Management Coach

~ Certified Results Coach

~ Certified Online Coach


~ Certified Life Coach

Random, personal tidbits…

– There are 17 kids in my family, 8 blood + 9 step (that’s almost THREE Brady Bunches in one!)
– I started playing piano at the age of 6
– Started playing the pipe organ at the age of 16 and started touring the Western U.S. after only 2 months
– I thought pipe organ was going to be my life until I lost the use of my hands and arms. Tragedy.
– I love sci-fi and fantasy. Tolkien is my favorite author. My favorite show is Star Trek (TOS, NG & DS9).
– Favorite movies = The Fifth Element, Kung Fu PandaFirefly, MetropolisCloud AtlasI Heart HuckabeesWhat About BobGroundhog Day.
– Favorite color = glitter & rainbows
– I’ve lived in 10 States and 3 countries
– No really, I’m still an insane pipe organ geek. I love pipe organ & everything to do with it, churches, cathedrals, awesome architecture, etc.
– I also love hiking, it’s the greatest hyacinth for my soul
– My idols are The Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Ajahn Brahm, Gandhi, Laurens van der Post, Ellen, Oprah…and just about anyone doing more good than bad in the world, and anyone just plain trying their hardest to do their best in this difficult world.

How I got started…

I got started by trekking my own thorny path. My life started like many people: With suffering, unhappiness, self-hatred, and fear. In my twenties I reached a point where the pain was unbearable. Truly unbearable. I wanted to end it all. But then a question hit me like a ton of bricks:

I’ve done everything I’m supposed to, so why am I so…UN…happy?!

The answer was clear — Everything I’d been taught about happiness was WRONG. Well, almost everything. Most of the things people told me would make me happy are exactly the things that made me SO UNhappy. So, I set out on my own to follow my heart and find only the true-truths that really created peace and happiness. As I trekked through the darkness I listened to my heart and found peace, happiness and blessed healing for my heart and soul.

Now, I’ve devoted my life to helping others find the truths that will shine the light of joy and peace and healing in their lives. I’ve been blogging, Life Coaching, writing books, and podcasting for over a decade. What I’ve found is that the most powerful truths are always the simplest. Be nice. Live with integrity. Love unconditionally.

I’m an accredited Life Coach, author of four books, budding speaker, creator of The Happiness Underground, fur-father to a ten-pound terrier who’s the bomb, entrepreneur and aspiring philanthropist. I’ll never claim to be perfect, but I’ve learned a lot about life, myself, happiness…and helped lots of people do the same.

enlightened jerk

Why do I Life Coach?

Coaching is my jam. Even as a kid going to counseling through my parents’ divorce, every counselor told me, “I like the way you think!” Friends always appreciated my listening ear. They always knew they could come to me when life had them down. I found that “the way I think” gave me different perspectives that helped them see things in a more self-supportive and hopeful way.

Now? Coaching is not only good for my clients, it helps me remember the important things in life and keep my priorities straight. Half the stuff I say is as much for me as anyone else.

I don’t believe there’s any reason not to believe in yourself. There is no reason to feel down about yourself. Sometimes people just need to be reminded, “You’re okay. Keep doing your best. You have strength and talents the world needs!!!” I love doing that for people. I love giving people permission to fly their freak flag, and to rock this world with good sh*t. Since Life Coaching others also helps me, you could call that a selfish motivation. I wouldn’t disagree, I’d actually say “That is exactly the kind of win-win scenario this world needs more of!”

Why do I Life Coach? Because everyone needs help, support, and encouragement. Because, sometimes we just need permission to be our best self. Because it’s a tough world and I want you to know you’re not alone! There are many good people in this world doing our best in the face of adversity. I believe there are more of us than not. We just need to be reminded, invited and encouraged to be our best, and to work together.

Why “Happiness”?

Everyone is seeking for happiness, but few people have the right tools. Many–if not most–of the world’s problems are actually people’s misguided attempts to find happiness. Having searched for it myself, and found it, I find great happiness helping others find it, too.

Happiness isn’t just an emotion — it’s a lifestyle. After many years of trial and observation, I’ve found that happiness has all the tools we need to deal with difficult emotions, life difficulties, and a difficult world. All the things we think we want out of life, well, happiness helps us get it right. Life is short, and therefore precious. Being happy is about making every single moment count.

Only two things matter in life: Your time and what you choose to do with it. Happiness comes from using each moment to make the world better. Sometimes that means making your inner world better. Sometimes that means making the world around you better. It doesn’t matter if you’re mastering your demons or picking up trash in the park. Be happy. Make the world better. It’s really that simple. Simple doesn’t always mean easy so do what you can, now. That’s all that can ever be expected of us.

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