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Everyone wants to be happy. Only a few people are actually willing to do what it takes. If that’s you, you’re in the right place!
If you’re ready to love yourself, find inner peace, and be truly happy, I’m here to help.

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We interrupt this website for a very important announcement

“Are You Happy Now?” is here!

I’m delighted, excited, elated and thrilled to announce my latest book:

Are You Happy Now?
Shifting Your Life From Crappy …to Happy!

This book was written with the very specific intent to make inner peace and happiness as approachable and achievable as possible. These days we need a systematic way of adding happiness to our lives — even when we don’t feel like it. Are You Happy Now does just that. Not only does it give you a life-changing system, it offers literally dozens of ways you can apply that system to your life to make things fun AND powerful.

Shift your life into peace and happiness starting today!

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First, let’s talk about you…

Feel like you’re meant for something more?

Here’s a secret: It’s human nature to succeed, excel & thrive.

Trouble is, we live in a world designed to hold us back and keep us down. No, I’m not talking about some big conspiracy. I’m talking about the other part of human nature that makes us sabotage ourselves and drag others down. In the end, the real question is

Which “You” are you going to be:

The you that stays down, or the you that learns to fly?

If you choose the latter, fasten your seat belt and read on…It’s time for the adventure of your life!

Now, let’s talk a little about me…

Why Enlightened…?

I’m no saint or angel. But I’ve faced the dark, ugly, painful parts of this life and found my way to the light. I’ve learned, found, and created many tools to

  • turn darkness into light, pain into healing,
  • transform tragedy into triumph,
    and frustration into flow!

The enlightened part of me will tell you you can make your dreams a reality. You can have all the peace and happiness you believe possible–and more. Yes…You can!

Why Jerk…?

The jerk part is that I won’t lie to you–I tell it to you straight. It will take time and effort to transform your life. It will take consistent effort to overcome self-doubts and change habits.

I’m not really a jerk. A friend endearingly called me an “enlightened jerk” because I was telling him what he needed to hear in order to heal his life. He didn’t want to hear it, but he knew the truth. And it did help him heal. As a Certified Life Coach, I promise to be kind with the truth, compassionate and non-judgmental. I also promise to share the real steps that can help you grow and progress. I believe in tangible action with real results.

enlightened jerk

Enough about me… this site is about you!

Why are you looking for happiness?

Happy people love themselves, love their lives (including the tough parts), and have a meaningful sense of purpose. Happiness makes us feel empowered, fulfilled and motivated to make the world better.
Let’s work together to unlock the awesomeness within you!

How can an Happiness Coach help you?

An “Happiness Coach” is all about helping you unlock your potential and achieve your goals. If you’re here, you probably have pretty special goals and a unique vision for your life. You need the right tools and support in order to grow into your Dream Life. I help people accomplish these main goals:


Happiness isn’t just an emotion. It’s not a goal reserved for “Someday.” Happiness is a way of life. I give you tools to start creating happiness, today.

Inner Peace

Inner peace is about living with integrity and having your thoughts, belief systems and actions aligned with your Big Vision. I help you sort through the “stuff” in your life, toss out the crap, and infuse your life with the good stuff.

Life Purpose

What are you supposed to be doing with your life? We start with a Scientific Hand Analysis to help you find your best path to life-satisfaction.

Life Mastery

We’ll discover the core lessons you need to Master in life. Coaching can help you stop fighting against yourself and turn weaknesses into strengths!

Are you a self-starter?

If you’re looking for do-it-yourself guidance, these free & low-cost resources are for you:

Happiness Books

Are You Happy Now?

A systematic way to make positive shifts in life!
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the shortcut to happiness
The Shortcut to

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how to love yourself
How to Love

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Inner Peace Podcast

Like to listen? This podcast is free to download or stream. Go »

Read the “Be Awesome” Blog

Read my ramblings about peace and happiness. I have good ideas, insights and tips sometimes 😉
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Become a Patron!

Become a Patron for Peace, on Patreon! Like supporting your local PBS station, you can help me help you…and hundreds or thousands of others create daily peace and happiness.
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Looking for Coaching Support?

Coaching can help you learn life tools, make progress faster, and achieve your goals sooner.

Life Planning

A clear plan is the surest way to achieve your goals. Together we’ll create a solid Vision, Goals and Strategies for creating the life you want.

Life Tools

Kicking ass in life requires the right mental, emotional and strategic tools for living the best life. We’ll review and choose the best tools to help you “get there” faster.

Moral Support

As your Coach I provide a listening ear, total non-judgment, encouragement, guidance and support to help you navigate the up’s and down’s and sideways’ of your path. Having walked the path myself, I can share valuable experience and outside perspective to empower you even further.

How to get started?

1) Get to know me a little bit. See if you think my approach and personality will be a good match for you. Read my About page. Read some of my blog articles or listen to the Inner Peace Podcast. Join me on Facebook or Instagram.

2) Choose a Coaching Package. The Coaching page will guide you through the start-up process, including a free Coaching Session to make sure you’re ready to jumpstart your life. Learn more »

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